Donkey basketball a fun, successful event for local students

Riggen Walker, flanked by Toad Walker, trots in for a layup attempt during a fundraiser last week at the Kemmerer Junior Senior High School gym. The event raised more than $1,000 for the Class of 2024, which plans to use the funds for a senior trip. (GAZETTE PHOTO/Toby Chytka)

KEMMERER — On the night of Thursday, April 7, Kemmerer High School held a fundraiser, organized by sophomores at the school. The fundraiser of choice was donkey basketball — picture regular basketball, but all the players are riding donkeys, taking place at the Rangers gym — the donkeys inside of the school! — and complete with medical personnel to address any possible injuries.

The idea of the event was to raise money for the Kemmerer High School Class of 2024 for their senior trip. The student council, consisting of class president Kalieh McCloud, vice president Tyler Thatcher, treasurer Tanner Schramm and secretary Madieh McCloud, helped come up with the idea and then executed it.

Council members said they chose donkey basketball because it sounded fun and, judging by the turnout, it was. The entire gym was filled with people who were cheering for the students atop donkeys. More than $1,000 was raised at the event.

The company that supplied the donkeys is named Donkey Sports Inc., a company based out of Entiat, Washington. A couple of years ago, the school used this company and decided to use it again because of the good service they’ve provided.

In the first round of the game, it was Team Walker versus Team Dearden, with Walker winning 12-0. In the second round, Team EMT went up against Team Opal Plant, with Opal Plant winning 6-4.

In the losers’ bracket was Dearden against EMT, with Dearden winning 6-4. In the winners’ bracket, and the final game of the night, was Walker versus Opal Plant, with Team Opal Plant winning 10-8.

In all, the sophomores wanted to see the community come out and see people they know do something out of the ordinary.

“I’m glad the community came out and got a few good laughs in,” Kalieh McCloud said, after having participated in the games herself.

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