Diamondville Police Stats, Sept. 14-20

Monday, September 14

10:11 a.m.-received a call about a juvenile problem on Susie Avenue.

11:27 a.m.-served an ordinance violation on Elkol Street.

11:44 a.m.-VIN inspection on Brilliant Street.

04:03 p.m.-received a call about a citizen dispute on Southland Drive.

05:49 p.m.-received a call about an animal problem on Susie Avenue.

05:59 p.m.-received a medical alarm from Wagner Chevron on Highway 30.

Tuesday, September 15

08:27 p.m.-received a call from Canyon Road about a threating communication.

Friday, September 18

12:58 p.m.-gave a public presentation at Kemmerer High school.

01:20 p.m.-received an emergency 911 call from Susie Avenue.

04:23 p.m.-received a call about someone dumping litter at the Storehouse Storage facility.

06:58 p.m.-received a call about drugs at Ridley’s Market.

08:21 p.m.-assisted citizens at the Kemmerer High school football field.

Saturday, September 19

10:35 a.m.-assisted a citizen on No. 7 Avenue.

07:06 p.m.-received a REDDI report call about a driver on Canyon Road.

Sunday, September 20

10:12 a.m.-received an emergency 911 call from Paper Collar Row.

02:25 p.m.-received an emergency 911 call from Susie Avenue.

09:18 p.m.-received a call for information from No. 7 Avenue.