Diamondville Police Stats, July 27- Aug. 2

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activities log and arrest record maintained by the Diamondville Police Department.

Monday, July 27

08:17 a.m.-assisted a motorist at the Chevron station who needed directions.

12:34 p.m.-assisted with collection of money from the Diamondville Car Wash.

02:41 p.m.-someone called about dogs that were loose on Sublet Avenue.

Tuesday, July 28

02:11 p.m.-did a VIN inspection at Gunter’s Tire and Lube shop.

Wednesday, July 29

03:30 p.m.-assisted with a medical alarm on Sorenson Drive.

Thursday, July 30

09:16 a.m.-assisted with a medical alarm on Coal Creek Street.

09:30 a.m.-had a traffic stop on Lincoln Street near E & L Motors.

12:16 p.m.-served an ordinance violation on Diamondville Avenue.

12:56 p.m.-assisted a citizen on Chicago Street.

04:22 p.m.-assisted with a medical alarm on Paper Collar Row.

Friday, July 31

11:05 a.m.-received a call about an abandoned vehicle at Ridley’s Market.

12:58 p.m.-received a call about suspicious activity on Conroy Street.

Sunday, August 2

01:56 p.m.-assisted with a medical alarm on Coal Creek Street.

04:13 p.m.-received a call about a domestic problem on McGovern Avenue.

05:09 p.m.-received an emergency 911 call from Radiant Street.