Diamondville Police Stats, Aug. 10-15

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activities log and arrest record maintained by the Diamondville Police Department.

Monday, Aug. 10

12:59 p.m.-call about suspicious activity at the Fairview Motel.

01:13 p.m.-call from No. Seven Street about harassing phone calls.

Tuesday, Aug. 11

09:08 p.m.-traffic stop on Conroy Street for reckless driving. Verbal warning issued.

09:40 p.m.-business security checks at Fairview Motel.

Wednesday, Aug. 12

09:33 a.m.-VIN inspection on Hillcrest Avenue.

05:47 p.m.-call from Diamondville Avenue about a juvenile problem.

Thursday, Aug. 13

05:10 a.m.-call from Wagner Chevron on Highway 30 about a utility problem.

09:44 a.m.-call from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church about property damage.

12:59 p.m.-call from Coulson Avenue about an assault.

Friday, Aug. 14

01:15 p.m.-VIN inspection at Diamondville Town Hall.

Saturday, Aug. 15

04:49 p.m.-call about a reckless driver at the Diamondville Pond.

10:37 p.m.-traffic stop on Blazon Street.

10:59 p.m.-traffic stop on Paper Collar Row.