Diamondville Police Report for Apr 25 - May 7

Editor’s note: Information contained in this report is compiled from a daily activity log and arrest record maintained by the Diamondville Police Department.

Tuesday, April 25

06:03 p.m.-security check on Southland Drive.

Wednesday, April 26

05:49 p.m.-security check on Sublet Avenue.

10:18 p.m.-911 call from Grumpies on Main Street.

Thursday, April 27

06:05 p.m.-traffic stop on Adaville Street for no license plates. Verbal warning issued.

Friday, April 28

01:36 p.m.-traffic stop on Highway 30 at the Chevron station for stop sign violation. Verbal warning issued.

01:53 p.m.-special patrol on Sublet Avenue.

02:47 p.m.-VIN inspection on Sublet Avenue.

04:22 p.m.-call to Diamondville Town Hall about dogs on the loose in Upper Diamondville. Unable to locate.

04:35 p.m.-traffic stop on Brilliant Street for speeding. Written citation issued.

05:10 p.m.-traffic stop on Spring Valley Drive for expired registration and no insurance. Written citation issued.

Saturday, April 29

03:03 p.m.-traffic stop on Conroy Street for speeding. Written citation issued.

05:57 p.m.-call about shoplifting from Bomgaars on Spring Valley Drive. Person arrested.

08:00 p.m.-served a warrant on Elm Street.

Tuesday, May 2

05:25 p.m.-call from Coulson Circle about a careless driver.

06:10 p.m.-call from Coal Creek Street about a chicken running loose.

11:16 p.m.-public assistance on Highway 30.

Wednesday, May 3

01:33 p.m.-VIN inspection at Diamondville Town Hall.

03:02 p.m.-VIN inspection on 4th West Avenue.

05:06 p.m.-call about a traffic accident with a deer on Highway 30.

Thursday, May 4

06:55 p.m.-traffic stop on Blazon Street.

Sunday, May 7

02:15 a.m.-call about trespassing on Oakley Street.

02:31 p.m.-alarm from Willow Avenue.

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