County candidates announce election bids

Official filing period open May 17 – June 1

August 21, 2018 Primary Election
November 6, 2018 – General Election
Visit for more information about voter registration and candidate filing. 

Jerry Harmon for County Commissioner

I would like to announce my intention to run for re-election as Lincoln County Commissioner. I am a lifelong resident of Lincoln County and have deep rooted feelings for the welfare of our county and state. I have qualifications that include a vision of the future of Lincoln County.

I am not afraid to make decisions. I will listen anytime and anywhere to anyone having concerns or questions, regardless of time and effort. I am committed to the job. I am experienced and have proven my leadership.

We are at a critical juncture in our county with regards to change, growth and taxation. I feel strongly that those in public office must have a vision of the future of Lincoln County, which must include a balanced perspective. The changes and growth of our area are inevitable. Difficult decisions must be made to allow control of that growth, thereby preserving the lifestyle that has made our county great.

Our county leaders must ensure that the rising generation has the opportunities to return to our area to work and raise families without the overwhelming burden of oppressive taxation. I will stand up and make those difficult and challenging decisions with an eye looking to the future because I live here and want the best for our county. We all need to make sure we leave a legacy for those who will follow; Lincoln County must be better off because we all lived here together. It is critical that the next commissioners work harder to unify the entire county. The municipalities and communities, as well as those living in the rural areas need to know that they have a supportive voice in the commission. I will take the time to listen closely to the concerns of all citizens. To this end I make a firm commitment.

April Brunski for County Clerk

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Lincoln County Clerk this year. I am a lifelong resident of Lincoln County and live in Kemmerer with my husband Ron and children, Abby, Taylor and Colter. I am currently the Chief Deputy County Clerk and have been for the past 19 years. I was hired as a title clerk in the office 23 years ago and soon learned other duties including recording, elections, payroll and accounts payable.  After four years, I was appointed chief deputy by County Clerk Jeanne Wagner, who will be retiring at the end of her fifth term this year. Serving as deputy for 19 years has prepared me well for the many duties and responsibilities of the County Clerk. I believe that experience is essential to holding this office and can say with confidence that I have that experience and working knowledge to perform all the duties and functions of the office, which include the following:

• Issuing vehicle titles and UCC filings

• Recording, indexing and abstracting land documents; filing maps, state and federal tax liens, corner records, county road licenses, location notices and notary public certificates

• Issuing marriage licenses, county liquor licenses/permits and temporary merchant licenses

• Processing accounts payable, payroll, liabilities & benefits and human resources for all the County offices; issuing tax reporting forms for vendors and all County employees

• Administering the County’s property and liability insurance as well as the County’s health and dental insurance

• Chief Budget Officer; preparing the County budget

• Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners and Board of Equalization; maintaining meeting minutes and recording resolutions

• Chief Election Officer for the County: conducting municipal, county, state and federal elections, and voter registration

I have taken pride in my work with payroll and elections over the years. It has been rewarding to learn the computer systems and keep up with the many rules and regulations. Conducting accurate elections is a significant responsibility of the County Clerk.  My years of experience have given me the knowledge and ability to run an election from start to finish. I have especially taken pride in learning and using the election software to prepare and code the ballots as well as process the results. It takes a great deal of preparation and many people to successfully carry out our elections.We hire and train almost 80 election judges for nearly every election. These workers are crucial to the process and I am grateful for their dedication.

I am confident in the election procedures we have in Lincoln County and the voting equipment we use. The voting machines are thoroughly tested for accuracy prior to and after the elections. As Clerk, I will continue to ensure accuracy and efficiency in our elections and make the voting process as easy as possible while always keeping the integrity of the election as top priority. Serving all the residents of Lincoln County is important to me, and I will strive to provide the best customer service possible in all areas of our office. I believe my knowledge and experience is beneficial to the County and the people. I have been preparing for this role for many years and look forward to serving as your next County Clerk. I would really appreciate your support in the upcoming election.

Debbie Larson for County Assessor

I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election for Lincoln County Assessor.  I have a passion for representing the citizens of Lincoln County’s best interests and ensuring that our property values are assessed with the utmost diligence and integrity.

I am married to Arny Larson, and we have a daughter, Abigail. We reside on a ranch east of Kemmerer, and after a challenging day at the office, I love being able to go home and be outside doing chores.

The County Assessor’s office is responsible for setting property values based on market value. Market value is determined by a mandated mass appraisal process, which requires a great deal of statistical analysis. Although the assessment calculations are not personal, representing our neighbors and communities in Lincoln County is a privilege I take personally.  I understand that setting property values and obtaining real estate information is a sensitive subject for all of us. And I know that having accurate property data is the only way to calculate fair and equitable assessments for all of us.

I have more than 27 years of experience managing, implementing and budgeting our county’s mass appraisal process. To do my job well, I stay current on all issues that might impact our property values, including at the state and national levels. I have also participated in more than 60 courses that pertain to the mass approval process.

The County Assessor is the only elected official that is required to be certified. I am permanently certified and I am a member of the International Association of Assessors Officers. The County Assessor’s office is annually audited by the Wyoming Department of Revenue, and we undergo an annual equalization hearing with the  Wyoming State Board of Equalization to ensure we are staying within prescribed assessment parameters.

Thanks to the excellent work of my staff, we have passed every audit for the last 27 years and have been able to keep our property values at the low end of the parameters without getting equalized. If a county gets equalized the state is then setting the local values.

My goals as Assessor are to (1) continue to generate fair and equitable property assessments, (2) run an effective and efficient office and, most importantly, (3) represent the best interests of Lincoln County citizens in the mass appraisal process. I have an excellent staff and want to thank them for their years of service to Lincoln County. It would be my honor to continue to work with them and to serve the citizens of Lincoln County with honesty and integrity. I would appreciate your support on August 21.

William Ball for County Coroner

William Ball (Bill), a Kemmerer native, has announced his bid to run for Lincoln County Coroner in the 2018 general election. William graduated from Kemmerer High School and attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah. 

He then completed his studies in mortuary science at Cypress College in Cypress, Calif. Bill has worked in the funeral industry for more than 31 years. In 1992, he and his wife and family moved from California to Rawlins, where he worked for 10 years at the funeral home there.  While living in Rawlins, Bill was appointed as a deputy coroner for Carbon County in 1992.

He attended the Wyoming Police Officer academy in Douglas and completed the coroner basic training in the spring of 1992.  He was then appointed to the office of Carbon County Coroner in February of 1998 by the Carbon County commissioners to fill the unexpired term for the current coroner.  Bill was then elected as Carbon County Coroner in November of 1998.

In February of 2002, Bill accepted a position at the funeral home in Evanston. He was appointed as a Uinta County deputy coroner in March of 2002, and served in that capacity until November of 2016.  Then Bill and his wife moved back to Kemmerer.

Bill has owned Ball Family Chapel Funeral Home in Kemmerer  since August of 2008.  He has served as a Lincoln County Deputy Coroner since 2016.   

Bill has had experience in the funeral industry for more than 31 years and has been affiliated with the coroner system and death-scene investigation in the state of Wyoming for more than 26 years now. 

Bill has investigated numerous high-profile coroner investigations throughout his career with the coroner’s offices with which he has been employed.  He is dedicated to serving the people in Lincoln County with respect and trust, and believes he has the qualifications necessary to continue to lead the citizens of Lincoln County in the office of Coroner.

Bill and his wife Jody have been married for 31 years, and have three children: Kelsie (Nick) Young, Cameron Ball, and Jordan (Madison) Ball.  He was born and raised in Kemmerer, and looks forward to visiting with and meeting the citizens of Lincoln County in the coming months.