Councils to seek input about potential police department consolidation

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On September 5 at the Diamondville Council meeting at 6 p.m., members of the Kemmerer City Council will be present to gauge interest in combining the Kemmerer and Diamondville police departments.

As always, the public is invited and encouraged to attend these council meetings, and should follow the correct procedures when presenting comments to the council.

The Kemmerer Police Department consists of Chief Mike Kahre and four officers. The department is looking to hire one more officer. The Diamondville Police Department consists of Chief Mike Thompson and two officers.

“I can’t see that there’s any downside for either community,” said Kemmerer mayor Anthony Tomassi at a council meeting work session on Monday, August 14.

At least two Kemmerer City council members mentioned that some community members might be resistant to the idea of combining the police departments, because they would fear losing their individual community identity.

In response to those concerns, other department heads present at the meeting insisted that the police departments should be one unified entity, instead of making it seem like one department would absorb the other.

Motivation for the consolidation includes saving money and increasing police coverage in the communities.