Council postpones action on mobile home ordinance

The Kemmerer City Council held its meeting on Monday, Feb. 26, at Kemmerer City Hall. Members not present at the meeting were councilman David Crosland and councilman Eric Rudy.

On the agenda was the third and final reading of Ordinance 2018-856, which changes Chapter 12 of the Kemmerer Municipal Code. This chapter deals with manufactured homes, manufactured home parks, recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parks. The language in the code used to refer to mobile homes and mobile home parks.

Gordon Gunter, owner of Riverside R.V. Park, addressed the council with a question about how the ordinance would affect licensed manufactured home parks as opposed to single manufactured homes.

City Administrator Andrew Nelson reviewed the basics of the ordinance: revising outdated language, a rule that states any manufactured homes that are brought into city limits must be 10 years old or newer, and the rule that if a manufactured home is moved off a lot, it must be replaced with a modular home or stick-built home.

The council suggested that before the ordinance is instituted, they may need to work on implementing objective standards that would affect manufactured home parks and R.V. parks, as well as manufactured homes on private property.

“The intent of this ordinance was to clean up town and make sure that, in the future, manufactured homes that are coming into town are less than 10 years old, which are more likely to be in better shape,” Nelson said.

The council agreed to postpone action on the ordinance until the March 26 meeting. Nelson and the council members agreed that this would provide enough time to create or emphasize manufactured home standards and ensure applications of the ordinance would be consistent.

“I think we need more time to look at this and develop some standards that are consistent with what we want the community to be,” said councilman Mike Archibald.

Nelson informed the council that the FY19 budget process is underway.

Mayor Tony Tomassi closed the meeting by recognizing the Kemmerer wrestling team and basketball teams for their performances this season.

“These teams do a great job of representing the community,” Tomassi said.