Cokeville was second stop for rescheduled marathon

The Bear Lake Trifecta Marathon made its way through Cokeville. Participants included Gina from Illinois, Kelly from Tennessee, Anne from Washington D.C., Jen from Pennsylvania, Cynthia from Georgia, Tammie from Georgia, Julia from Oregon, Kelly from Illinois, Amilia from Idaho and Karla from Idaho. // By Jan Moody, Cokeville Correspondent

If you happened to be in Cokeville on Friday, Aug. 14, you may have noticed an unusually large number of vehicles with license plates from all over the United States surrounding the Cokeville City Park. This was due to the annual Bear Lake Trifecta Marathon. This annual event usually takes place in June but, due to COVID-19, was pushed back to August. Many of this year’s racers were thrilled that the event was still able to take place.

Many participated in all three days beginning on Thursday in Idaho, Friday in Wyoming and Saturday in Utah. This is a favorite for the 50 staters because they can hit three states in one weekend. Organizers reported that there were approximately 237 participants throughout the weekend with approximately 110 participating on Friday in Cokeville.

Participants came from all walks of life. Hank Lopez of Maine is a 50 State Marathoner who is in hopes of completing his 100th half marathon by Dec. 1. He has volunteered at the Boston marathon for the past 4 years and was thrilled to be participating in the Bear Lake Trifecta this year. There was one couple who were there competing in their 1000th marathon. Another participant with ALS rode a tricycle and is trying to participate in as a many marathons as possible before the disease makes it impossible for her to compete. Julia from Oregon was excited to be in her 150th half marathon and reported that she is a survivor of brain cancer. It was amazing to see the diversity amongst the participants and their enthusiasm for the opportunity to compete in such unique circumstances.


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