Cokeville takes down Green River J.V., ready for Rocky Mountain

Cokeville’s Brayden Johnson takes down a Green River player to open up the Panther offense on Friday, Sept. 27. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)

The Cokeville Panthers hosted the Green River J.V. team on Thursday, Sept. 27. The Wolves were no match for the Panthers, who secured the victory 44–7. With Friday’s game, the Panthers’ record improved to an undefeated 5–0 on the season.

The younger Cokeville players gained a tremendous amount of field time as they owned the second half.

Ammon Teichert scored two touchdown runs for the Panthers. Brayden Johnson scored a 10-yard field goal for the Panthers and blocked a punt.

Bentley Johnson recovered a fumble. Jake Harmon had two touchdowns for the Panthers. Lochlyn Teichert also scored a touchdown for the Panthers, and Hayden Hatch had an interception that resulted in a touchdown for the Panthers. The Panther defensive and offensive lines played a huge role in making these great plays happen.

The Panthers will be home hosting the Rocky Mountain Grizzlies on Friday, October 5.

More Cokeville Superfans were recognized at Friday’s football game in honor of John Toomer. Shirley Toomer and Barbara Sorensen presented the awards to Amy Alder and Lenn Johnson. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)