Cokeville students perform ‘Hello, Dolly!’


Dolly and Horace Vandergelder, played by Cienna Halls and Devan Moody, in the Cokeville High School production of “Hello, Dolly!” last weekend.

Cokeville High School students presented three performances of “Hello, Dolly!” with a matinee performance on Thursday, March 14, and night performances on Friday, March 15, and Saturday, March 16. Those attending received a real treat as the cast and director Andra Petersen along with assistant directors Nanette Cook and Marti Warner presented a wonderful show. The acting was sensational.

The main cast included: Ernestina Money – Kendra Cook; Ambrose Kemper – Jake Harmon; Dolly – Cienna Halls; Horace Vandergelder – Devan Moody; Ermengarde – Skylee Call; Cornelius Hackl – Bentley Johnson; Barnaby Tucker – Ethan Bird; Minnie Fay – Alisen Petersen; Irene Malloy – Kensie McPhee; Mrs. Rose – Austin Baker; Rudolph Reisenweber – Matthew Thompson; Stanley – Nicholas Weaver; Cook – Bailee Allred; Judge – Tyler Moyes; Policeman – Eli Linford; Drunk at Court – Nathan Thornock; Wallpaper Man – Ian Clements. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the students.

Irene Molloy and Cornelius Hackl, played by Cokeville students Kensie McPhee and Bentley Johnson, in last week’s performance of “Hello, Dolly!”