Cokeville Senior Center Menu Oct. 8-Oct. 16

Oct. 8

Beef barley soup, pickled beet and onion salad, crackers, homemade whole wheat bread, pineapple crumble.

Oct. 9

Biscuit with meaty country gravy, orange sauced peaches, scrambled eggs, V-8 juice.

Oct. 12

Baked fish, KFC coleslaw, seasoned potatoes, stuffed celery, whole wheat bread, plum cobbler.

Oct. 13

Ham and macaroni bake, Mediterranean salad, grilled broccoli, Cindy’s

whole wheat roll, fruit cup.

Oct. 14

Swedish meatballs, garden salad with carrot curls, mashed potatoes, broccoli, roll, peach cream whip.

Oct. 15

Baked Italian pasta, spring salad, roasted asparagus, focaccia bread, grapes, tapioca pudding.

Oct. 16

Chicken Malibu, green salad, baked fries, mixed vegetables, roll, mixed fruit.