Cokeville Lady Panthers champions at 1A state track

The Cokeville Panther girls' track team celebrates their championship at the 1A state track meet in Casper last weekend. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody) 

The Cokeville Panthers and Lady Panther track teams traveled to Casper last weekend for the 1A state track meet. The Lady Panthers won the 1st place championship trophy in the 1A Girls Division.

Girls: In the 400-meter, Kaycee Linford earned 6th and Lily Richardson finished eighth. In the 800-meter, Emma Teichert placed second, Cienna Halls placed third, Janetta Teichert placed fourth and Lily Richardson placed fifth.

Janetta Teichert earned second and Cienna Halls earned third in the 1600-meter. In the 3200-meter, Janetta Teichert finished first, Cienna Hall finished second and Katelyn Petersen was sixth.

In the 100-meter hurdles, Emma Teichert was second, Leona Teichert was fifth and Rylee Teichert was sixth. Emma Teichert placed first and Leona Teichert placed fifth in the 300-meter hurdles.

In the 4x100 relay, the team of Leona Teichert, Rylee Teichert, Kaycee Linford and Tana Teichert earned fourth place.

In the 4x400 relay, the team of Cienna Halls, Emma Teichert, Lily Richardson and Whytney Murdock earned first.

The team of Katelyn Petersen, Abby Johnson, Lily Richardson and Whytney Murdock earned first in the 4x800 relay. In the 1600 medley relay, the team of Leona Teichert, Whytney Murdock, Kamille Nate and Katelyn Petersen finished first.

Janetta Teichert placed 4th and Tana Teichert placed seventh in the pole vault. Janae Teichert earned fifth and Rylee Teichert earned eighth in the long jump. In the triple jump, Tana Teichert placed second and Janae Teichert placed seventh. Janae Teichert earned eighth place in the shot put and fifth in the discus.

Boys: 100-Devyn Donahue finished eighth in the 100-meter. In the 400-meter, Devan Moody earned sixth place.

Michael Moyes placed sixth in the 800-meter, with Devan Moody in eighth place. Moyes earned 5th in the 1600-meter and 7th in the 3200-meter races.

In the 110-meter hurdles, Bentley Johnson earned fourth place. Johnson also placed fourth in the 300-meter hurdles, with Nate Barnes in eighth place.

In the 4x400 relay, the team of Bentley Johnson, Michael Moyes, Devan Moody and Tyler Moyes finished second. In the 4x800 relay, the team of Ethan Bird, Tyler Moyes, Devan Moody and Matt Thomas finished second.

In the 1600 sprint medley relay, the team of Sterling Murdock, Nate Barnes, Devyn Donahue and Ethan Bird earned second place.Devyn Donahue finished seventh in the long jump. Bentley Johnson placed fifth in the triple jump.

Cokeville track teams at the 1A state meet in Casper. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)