Cokeville dancers excel at Lagoon

Lorelle McPhee’s dance groups competed at Lagoon on Friday and Saturday, earning many individual and group awards.

Those competing in the Junior Novice Hip-Hop and Jazz included Kallianne Toomer, Dakota King, Emmie Barnes, Kamille Moore, Kylie Dayton, Michea Petersen, Keelia McPhee and Marin McPhee. This team earned two first place awards.

The Senior Competition Beginning Hip Hop, Jazz and Lyrical included  Alisen Petersen, Kensie Mcphee, Brookelle Hatch, Whytney Murdock, Michea Petersen, Keelia McPhee. This group earned a first, second and third place award.

Brookelle Hatch, Alisen Petersen, Kensie McPhee won first in intermediate duets or trios.

Michea Petersen, Whytney Murdock, Keelia McPhee won first in beginning duets or trios.

Solos: Alisen Petersen won first in Intermediate Lyrical Solo, Kensie McPhee won first in Intermediate Jazz, Michea Petersen won second in Beginning Jazz, Keelia McPhee won second in Beginning Lyrical, Marin McPhee won first in Beginning Lyrical and Bentley McKinnon and Geneva Murdock won first in Novice Peewee Jazz Duet.