City of Kemmerer honors volunteers


Mayor Tony Tomassi declared last week as Volunteer Week in the City of Kemmerer and recognized local volunteers at the April 8 council meeting. Pictured: Council members Robert Bowen and David Crosland, Airport Committee member Mike Stroud, council member Dave McGinnis, Recreation Advisory Board member Donna Oden, mayor Tony Tomassi, Kemmerer Zoning Board member Bill Price, council member Mark Quinn, Kemmerer city administrator Brian Muir, and council members Eric Rudy and Vance Chamberlain.

At the Kemmerer City Council meeting on Monday, April 8, Mayor Tony Tomassi designated April 7-13 as Volunteer Week in the City of Kemmerer. The city invited the 25 volunteers that sit on the city’s boards and committees to come to the meeting to be recognized. Present at the recognition were Airport Committee member Mike Stroud, Recreation Advisory Board member Donna Oden and Zoning Board president Bill Price.

The Volunteer Week Proclamation reads:

“WHEREAS, National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 to celebrate the impact of volunteers in their respective communities and inspire others to serve; and

WHEREAS, our volunteers make a difference by devoting countless hours to mentoring children, serving the elderly and those with disabilities, providing food and shelter to the needy, sustaining our arts, protecting and beautifying our environment, remembering our history, and preserving our cultural institutions; and

WHEREAS, these volunteers represent all facets of Kemmerer, including but not limited to, non-profit institutions, schools and colleges, senior citizen groups; and

WHEREAS, individuals and groups play an important role by building a successful, strong and vibrant community and playing a critical role in the life and well-being of residents;

Now, therefore, I proclaim April 7-13, 2019 as volunteer week in the City of Kemmerer, and recognize and thank all who lend their time, talent, voice and support to causes they care about and urge all citizens of Kemmerer to consider volunteering.”