City administrator Nelson resigns


Kemmerer city administrator Andrew Nelson recently announced his resignation in a letter to the Kemmerer City Council.

Nelson has held the position since August 2016. In the letter, Nelson said his resignation would be effective Nov. 16.

Kemmerer mayor Tony Tomassi addressed Nelson’s contributions at the council meeting on Monday, Oct. 22

“In the two years I’ve worked with Andrew, I’ve seen a vast change in the city’s attitude and how we get things done,” Tomassi said. “We’ll pick his brain these last few weeks and see what he can leave for us. He’s as good a city administrator as we’ve ever had.”

In his resignation letter, Nelson expressed his gratitude for working with city employees and residents to improve the community.

“I am extremely proud of the progress we have made as an organization, especially under crippling financial conditions,” Nelson said. “The senior management team, including Glenda, Chad, Rachelle, and Mike, are all well-positioned to continue delivering the same high-quality services in our organization.

“I thank you, collectively and individually, for your trust since coming to Kemmerer,” Nelson continued. “I have worked with many boards, commissions, and councils, and I say sincerely that the unity in this Council is among the strongest I have ever seen. Your leadership and direction helped me thrive in this position. Thank you.”

Nelson said in his letter that he and his family are moving to Las Vegas — his childhood home —  as he has accepted a position with CPS HR Consulting. At Monday’s meeting, Nelson reminded the Kemmerer council that he would help the city fill the administrator vacancy in a timely manner by creating a position profile so potential candidates would understand the job specifications and the opportunities in Kemmerer.