Candidates for Nov. 6 general election

Editor’s note: The Gazette will publish an in-depth voters’ guide on Thursday, Oct. 25.

City and Town races

Vance Chamberlain is running for the Kemmerer City Council Ward 1 seat. Mark Quinn is running for the Kemmerer City Council Ward 2 seat. For Ward 3, two candidates — April Corwin and Eric Rudy — are on the ballot. Rudy currently holds the Ward 3 seat.

Two candidates are running for the lone two-year Diamondville council seat. Current Diamondville mayor Eric Backman and Nicole Petersen will compete for that position.

Charles “Mark” Langley is running unopposed for mayor of Diamondville.

The town of Diamondville has two four-year council positions open. Clint Bowen, Kathleen Stukel and Phillip Viviano are running for those two town council positions.

Four candidates are on the ballot for Cokeville council, and two will be elected come November. Taylor Allred, Charles Dayton, Wayne Harmon and Michael Shane Pope are running for Cokeville council. Rose Arndt and Stanley Thompson Jr. will face off in the election for Cokeville mayor.

Two positions will be open on the LaBarge Town Council, and four candidates are on the ballot for that race — Lucas Anstett, Bobby Jacobson, Zachary Key and Tony Portera.

In the LaBarge mayoral race, Betty Moceika and Larry Stepp will compete for votes.

The Town of Opal has two council positions open. Michael Beehler and John McKnight IV will run unopposed in that race. Current Opal mayor Anthony Ritzdorf is seeking relection, and will run unopposed.

County races

All candidates for Lincoln County offices will run unopposed in the general election.  Ken Roberts is running for relection to the clerk of district court. Debbie Larson is running for relection as the Lincoln County assessor. Spencer Allred will seek reelection as the county attorney.

April Brunski is running for Lincoln County Clerk. Current Lincoln County Commissioners Jerry Harmon and Robert King will seek reelection to the two open commissioner seats in the general election.

Dain Schwab will seek the office of Lincoln County Coroner.  M Shane Johnson is running for reelection to the County Sheriff position. Jerry Greenfield is running for County Treasurer. 

School Board race

Don Lamborn and Robert Peternal will seek reelection to the Lincoln County School District No. 1 school board in November.

Federal / state races

In the race for United States Senator, incumbent John Barrasso (Republican), Joseph Porambo (Libertarian) and Gary Trauner (Democratic) will face off in the general election.

The United States Representative race for Wyoming is crowded, with four candidates on the ballot for November. Richard Brubaker (Libertarian), incumbent Liz Cheney (Republican), Daniel Clyde Cummings (Constitution) and Gren Hunter (Democratic) will run for the seat.

There are also four candidates on the ballot for Wyoming governor. Republican Mark Gordon will face off against Rex “T-Rex” Rammell (Constitution), Lawrence Gerard Struempf(Libertarian) and Mary A. Throne (Democratic). 

In the Secretary of State race, James W. Byrd (Democratic), Edward Buchanan (Republican) and Kit Carson III (Libertarian) will compete for the position.

Jeff Dockter (Democratic) and Kristi Racines (Republican) are on the ballot for the State Auditor position.

Chris Lowry (Democratic) and Curt Meier (Republican) are on the ballot for State Treasurer.

Jillian Ballow (Republican) is the sole candidate on the ballot for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Thomas D. Crank will run for the State Representative District 18 seat.   

Read the Gazette for general election news and updates. Contact the Lincoln County Clerk’s office to verify voter registration.

Voting information from the Lincoln County Website:

Up until 14 days prior to the election, you can register at the following locations: Lincoln County Courthouse in Kemmerer, LaBarge Town Hall, Cokeville Town Hall, Afton Branch Office, Thayne Town Hall, Star Valley Ranch Town Hall, and the Alpine Town Hall.

After that date, open voter registration will be closed. In order to vote in the election, you have two options:

Option 1: Register to vote and request an absentee ballot.

If you are already registered to vote, simply fill out the Request For Wyoming Absentee Ballot (See below). To ensure no complications, please verify with the Lincoln County Clerk’s office that you are registered before sending in your Request for Wyoming Absentee Ballot Form.

Option 2: Register at your polling place on Election Day. In order to register on the day of the general election, you must provide a valid driver’s license as identification.