Brunski wins All-Stars award for 2019-2020

Colter Brunski graduated in 2020 during the first part of the coronavirus pandemic. His graduation wasn’t what it should have been and any plans for travel had been canceled. That didn’t stop him from earning a Wyoming Coaches Foundation’s All-Stars award for basketball in his last year.

Jim Grosulak, the Kemmerer basketball coach, said Brunski earned the award through his dedication to the sport.

“He has been playing for a long time,” Grosulak said. “He has put a lot of hard work into it.”

Brunski has been playing basketball since fourth grade and he said he will continue playing for fun. While he says he won’t continue to play competitively, Brunski says it “felt good” to win the award after playing for so long.

“It’s a high award,” Grosulak said. “It means he has the respect of all the coaches throughout the state.”


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