Boys’ basketball team ready for action

The Kemmerer Rangers boys basketball team gained several new players this season, and Coach Steve Moyles said they are excited for the new season. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Football season may be over, but it’s time for the other most wonderful time of the year — basketball season.

The high school boys’ basketball team is looking forward to great things this season.

Many new athletes joined the team this season, making for a strong 20-man roster.

Coach Steve Moyles said he and his players are eager for the opportunity to grow this season and get back on the court.

The team welcomed five new freshmen — Austin Martinez, Haze Merck, Tony Viviano, Zack Jackson and Clayton Moyles.

The coaches are very excited about this freshman group because they bring a lot of athleticism to Ranger basketball.

Three new sophomores, Oscar Zhang, Ty Vineyard and Thomas Archibald, joined the team, and according to Coach Moyles, they have great attitudes to contribute to the team. 

Moyles said returning seniors Brandon Crank, Louis Failoni, Ty Hysell and Corbin Ourada are great examples of hard work and focus, as they all are strong students and show high quality leadership.

“I felt our first week of practice went extremely well,” Moyles said. “Not only did we focus on conditioning and fundamentals, but we were able to absorb and execute much of our offensive and defensive sets and tactics.”

Coach Moyles said the team is much better prepared for a new season this year.

Moyles said this is because the athletes had successful off-season training. Many players participated in tournament play, individual camps and open gym to hone their skills for the new season and stay in shape.

Coach explains the team’s strengths are definitely willingness, coachability and eagerness to learn.

“They listen to learn and have learned to listen,” Moyles said. “They are becoming true students of the game of basketball. This characteristic will make them better students of life. I am so thankful to be a part of it.”

The new additions to the Rangers team are fitting right in, and their team work is getting better every day.

The team is much bigger and faster this season at the varsity level.

Coach Moyles said that rebounding, speed and quick transitions will be keys to the Rangers’ success this season.

“When they get this down, good things will happen,” Moyles said.

The Rangers will go head to head against the Green River Wolves this weekend in the Bridger Valley Classic for their first chance to show Ranger fans what they are made of. The game is on Friday, Dec. 8, at 5:30 p.m. in the Mountain View gym.

“Green River is a fast team with good front and back court skills,” Moyles said. “They are also highly coached and disciplined. We look forward to the challenge in our first contest of the year.”

Moyles said he always tells his players that in order to be successful against your opponents, you must first be in better physical shape. Coach believes his team took this to heart both in the off-season and the first weeks of practice, as they are showing great commitment and hustle in all practice drills and exercises.

Moyles is joined by Assistant Coach Vance Chamberlain, who will be at the helm of the J.V. and C-team squads.

“Coach Chamberlain brings great positivity to Ranger basketball,” Moyles said. “I am so happy to have him aboard.” 

Justin Plowman and Erik Becker will both be acting as part-time assistants and are great assets to the coaching team. Becker will also be coaching boys’ basketball at the middle school level. Moyles explains that this will be a huge building block for the future of Kemmerer’s basketball program.

“Our players are improving tremendously in sportsmanship, leadership and team work,” Moyles said. “Basketball and team sports are such a valuable tool in building a positive experience in these young student athletes’ lives.”

The coaching team is very grateful to the community, parents, and administration for supporting the Rangers. They look forward to seeing large crowds of Ranger fans!

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