Book Nook: “National Book Lovers Day” — Let’s Celebrate

Celebrate “National Book Lovers Day” by checking out your next read from the library. Let us help you find it.  We love to suggest books for our patrons, it’s what we do.  No, we haven’t read every book in the library, but we love to read books, talk about books, and hear from y’all about books.  This is part of the way we get better at suggesting books that you might like.  We also use online resources, such as Novelist, Goodreads, BookRiot and the handy “You may also like” suggestions available right in the library’s catalog.

When someone requests a “good book,” we try to find out more about what that person is interested in reading.  We might ask “What is the last book you enjoyed?” or “What is a title you didn’t like?” We might ask “Are you in the mood for something happy or something with more of a dark tone?” “How do you feel about zombies, romance, or books set in the past?” or “Do you crave fast-paced action or do you want to know every detail about the characters’ lives?”  Having a conversation about what appeals to a patron in a book helps us find one (or two, or five...) that matches their reading mood and tastes! Now, if they had said “I like zombies, romance AND books set in the past I would recommend “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by Seth Grahame-Smith. If you are in need of something to read,  come in to your local library and ask us to suggest a book...and then let’s all celebrate National Book Lovers Day on Sunday, August 9.