Book clubs build bonds among members

Book clubs across Lincoln County have been meeting for years, discussing all manner of books and ideas. We’ve even been going strong during the pandemic meeting virtually, which, fortuitously, has allowed members who are out of town to join. So, I guess you could say we are a multi-state organization. It has been a bright spot, and a slice of normal life during the times when we couldn’t gather in person. We have been able to see members with whom we have been meeting regularly several years, and others who are new to the group. And it’s been a comfort to continue discussing books, as we always have.

A couple of comments that I often hear about the benefits of a book club are, “We read things I would never normally choose to read,” and “discussing the book has made me see it differently than I did before we talked about it.” Folks love the fact that differing opinions about a book make for learning opportunities and thought-provoking conversation. In fact, a book that everyone agrees on can lead to a less-than-exciting discussion.  Lincoln County Library System offers many different book clubs for readers of all types.

You don’t have to join a book club at the library though.  You can join online, or start one of your own.  There are so many shapes and sizes of book clubs that the possibilities are endless.  Here are a few examples:

For commuters, an audio book club is a great opportunity to make use of your time in the car. Plus, the narration style adds another layer to your book discussions.

Start a book club with your family.  Read a chapter at a time, and discuss as you go along. It’s a great dinnertime conversation starter!

With a themed book club, everyone can pick a book that fits the theme and then no one has to read a book they aren’t interested in.   

Try a graphic novel book club or even a podcast “book” club. 

The point is, a book club is a great way to connect with people, make new friends or reconnect with old friends and family and maybe learn something new.

Check with your local library about their book club offerings or to borrow copies of books for your own book group, whether in audio, ebook or regular old book format.



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