Bicyclist injured in Aug. 21 accident

EMS and Kemmerer police responded to a crash on J.C. Penney Drive involving a vehicle and a bicyclist on the afternoon of Tuesday, Aug. 21.

The bicyclist involved was traveling in the incorrect lane at the time of the accident, Kemmerer Police Chief Kahre told the Gazette on Monday, August 27.

Chief Kahre said the driver of the vehicle stopped at a stop sign, looked left, right and left again, then pulled out of the intersection. The bicyclist crossed in front of the driver’s car on the right side and was hit.

“The bicyclist hit the car as much as the car hit him,” Chief Kahre said.

Chief Kahre said the bicyclist suffered a broken hip as a result of the accident. Read the Kemmerer Police Report on A3 for a daily activity log of the police department’s activities.