Back to school

The start of a new school year has been a long-anticipated event since schools everywhere shut down in March. Throughout Cokeville, questions, thoughts, theories and ideas about starting school have been constantly mulled over again and again by health professionals in hopes to find the best solution for each student’s education.

Through it all, the question from parents and students, “What about sports?” may have overshadowed the more important question, “What about school?” After all, no extracurricular activities can take place without the main event, school.

Cokeville High School’s student body president Demi Harmon, along with the rest of Cokeville High School’s student council had planned exciting events that could be both fun and COVID-19 safe for returning students. Harmon said the student council wanted students to have a day where they could reconnect with friends and classmates that they might have not seen because of COVID-19. The student council split up the annual back to school assembly into three groups so each student could attend the assembly in smaller and safer groups.

During these assemblies, the student council released a new theme for the upcoming school year, “Panther Power.” The student council used this theme to relate to not only education and athletics but to using “Panther Power’ to follow health precautions and other challenges that are presented during this pandemic.

Harmon also compared some of the biggest changes students saw on the first day of school this year versus last year.

“The biggest change from last year to this year is definitely all the social distancing and mask wearing protocols,” she said. “It’s a big change and is going to take some getting used to. I think as long as we follow the guidelines we are going to be able to stay in school and learn in a socially distanced environment.”

Overall, she just wanted to give students a positive outlook on the upcoming school year, and of course Harmon too wondered what the answer was to what seemed like the most important question throughout the pandemic, “What about sports?” Harmon was more than excited that the answer turned out to be, “Let’s play ball!”