Awards presented to Cokeville super fans

John Sparks presented a Cokeville Super Fan award on August 31 to McKenna Awtrey in memory of Kliss Sparks. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)

This school year, two Panther "super fans" will be chosen at each Cokeville sporting event in memory of an exceptional super fan.

This week’s game with the Mountain View Buffs was dedicated to the memory of Kliss Sparks.

Kliss Sparks was a diehard fan, and the older she got the more orange and black flowed through her veins. If the Panthers were competing, you could find Kliss roaming up and down the sidelines yelling “Get him!" or honking a horn, yelling from the bleachers or across her living room at the television or radio.

Natasia Diers received a Cokeville Super Fan Award in memory of Kliss Sparks at the August 31 Panther football game. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Jan Moody)

You graduate and leave dear old CHS, and 25 years later you still get a phone call from Kliss saying that the kids have a game today.

She loved the Panthers and the students in Cokeville. As her children, we would know the outcomes of the Cokeville games before the scores of the teams in our home communities.

Kliss would be honored to know that she left a legend of her loyalty for the Panthers at Cokeville High School.

Natasia Diers and McKenna Awtrey were presented the “Kliss Sparks” Super Fan Award following the August 31 football game. They each received a Texas Sheet Cake — Kliss’ favorite. John Sparks presented the awards.