Around the area: Cokeville Pioneer Day and rodeo

This last Saturday, July 25, my fiancé, Jacob, and I went to the Cokeville Pioneer Day parade and Cokeville Stock and Saddle Club’s open rodeo. This was our first time in Cokeville and we both really enjoyed it. It is small and has beautiful scenery all around it. I was amazed at how many different colors of dirt there were on the drive up.

For the parade, we parked by the Cokeville Post Office and stood on the sidewalk in front of the car. Jacob was never really interested with parades when he was younger. I, on the other hand, went to my local parades every year until I left for college.

As it is in Cokeville, the Rhododendron Festival in Port Townsend drew everyone in town. While my hometown parade has shrunk every year, Cokeville’s parade was large in the face of COVID-19.

Candy, ice pops and more flew from everywhere and kids took home large bags, just as it should be at a parade. While I was taking pictures, I was pelted more than once by a rogue piece of candy, but I didn’t mind. I do want to say thank you to those who carefully put a few pieces next to Jacob and me so we could have some too. It put a smile on our faces.

One thing I am reminded about every time I am at an event is the way the camera draws people in. I didn’t notice while taking the photos, but as I went through them afterward, so many people were looking straight at the camera and giving wide smiles. I really love when I can see the happiness on other’s faces.

But now, on to the rodeo! Neither of us had ever been to a rodeo before. We were apprehensive but ready to try something new. Cokeville, you guys are amazing. We had such a great time watching everyone in the arena. From calf roping to bucking broncos we were captivated. The best part, in my opinion, was the rodeo clown. I had thought that they were only something that TV and movies had. I was so wrong. The different bits throughout the evening were funny and wacky. I really loved it. Jacob and I are already planning on going to more rodeos in the future.

Thank you Cokeville for letting us in on your fun for the day.

This is a series about activities and places around our area from my perspective. Since I am new to the area, I figured many would get a kick out of me experiencing the things you have here. If you have any ideas about what I should do, email me at [email protected]


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