Annual Paws and Claws Furball Gala raises $20,000

The Annual Paws and Claws Animal Shelter Furball Gala, held on Saturday, May 13, raised an estimated $20,000, all of which goes to support the shelter.

“We have a very caring community supporting us in our mission to help the homeless animals,” said Robbie Ray.

“All the money raised goes directly to the care of the animals at Paws and Claws, and all the merchandise we offer at the Furball Gala is donated from private individuals, businesses and other organizations,” Ray said. 

The following individuals are year-round volunteers at the Paws and Claws Animal Shelter: Mary Louise and Vince Tomassi, Shirley Peternal, Doug Tingwall and Linda Goetz, Diane Nishi, Susan and Matt Fagnant, Sheri Bennett, Victoria and Helmut Newsham, Kristen and Madison King, Sheri Levenhagen, Lora Sanchez, Gayle Beachler, Nancy and Nick Benson, Kat Jackson, Jennifer Holt, Barbara Lasley, Laura and Craig O’Brien, and Michelle Gwin and Robbie Ray.

There are no paid positions at the Paws & Claws Animal Shelter. The shelter runs entirely on donations, and the Furball Gala is the organization’s main fundraiser to keep operations running.

The Paws and Claws Furball Gala had a Monopoly theme this year. Guests flocked to Luigi’s Supper Club to raise money for the animal shelter. (GAZETTE PHOTOS/MICHELLE TIBBETTS)


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