American Legion car show brings together old and new

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The Rudy clan proudly entered their 1963 Volkswagen Beetle in the car show last weekend. Their children enjoyed the treat of being in the driver’s seat, although some seemed happier than others. At the wheel is Levi Rudy joined by his siblings Axel, Marcel and Teagan. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

The American Legion Post 55 hosted a car show on Saturday, Sept. 9 in Kemmerer's Triangle Park.

Locals and out-of-towners gathered at the annual American Legion car show on Saturday, Sept. 9, in Triangle Park. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Corky Marx lifts a photo to reveal a picture of her sitting in her 1951 GMC pickup when it was new. The ‘51 GMC was purchased by Marx’s dad, Howard Trumble, in Laramie. The family of four kids sold their house to buy this new truck and move to Green River when word of the new highway construction spread. Corky remembers the truck was delivered by train. Corky and her husband Ed restored the pickup and painted it a gorgeous Mandarin Copper color. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Corky Marx's 1951 GMC pickup that she and her husband restored. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Even the little ones enjoyed the American Legion Car Show! Taygn Vetos at the wheel of a 1928 Model A gets help from her big brother Ashtyn Cooper. The Model A, which belongs to Brenda Beatty, was entered in the “work in progress” category. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)

Car owners showed off their vintage and modern cars at the American Legion car show on Saturday, Sept. 9, in Kemmerer’s Triangle Park. (GAZETTE PHOTO / Michelle Tibbetts)