AllWest to expand fiber services

KEMMERER — During the visitor comments section of the Kemmerer City Council meeting Monday evening, Allwest representative Jack Walkenhorst presented the next phase of fiber optic service installation, which is scheduled to begin soon.

Currently, Allwest is servicing business clients only in the Kemmerer and Diamondville area; the company plans to begin its expansion into the residential market this spring. This will happen in stages and they have begun by choosing five residential sections in Kemmerer located along the already existing fiber-optic line installed on some outer limits of the city. Over the next few years the service will continue to expand inward as more residents sign up for service. 

The council approved the consent agenda which included the payment of bills and payroll, approval of the Town of Opal’s request to reallocate consensus funds and the contract with Blackboard, Inc. for Cloudspeaker notify system.

The council was scheduled to interview Stan Crank and Tim Cassidy for their appointments as new members of the zoning board, but the item was tabled since neither candidate was able to be at the meeting. 

The council had its second reading for ordinance 2017-853, amending section 11-19 of the Kemmerer City code requiring business licenses for for-profit vendors at nonprofit events. The council added a craft vendor and expo vendor license that would allow for crafters to attend local events for one year.

The expo vendor license would umbrella all for-profit vendors attending the nonprofit event, eliminating the need for individual licenses, which would also eliminate background checks. The reading passed, although councilman Robert Bowen opposed the change. 

The following resolutions were approved: adopting fee increases for the Fossil Island Golf Club 2017 season passes, and the introduction of a super pass to include cart rental and range balls; updating the policy manual for the Kemmerer Police Department and adopting the public records request policy and related fees. 

The council also received a draft copy of the 2018 fiscal year budget.

“Staff is doing great,” Kemmerer City Administrator Andrew Nelson said. “We are currently running under budget across the board and we are doing extremely well.”

Nelson said he added 10 key city project items to the budget list for recommended approval. These projects included: $9,500 for Caselle Financial Management program, $11,000 to update the sound system in the court/council room, $40,000 to replace a police vehicle, $10,000 for street construction repair and supplies, $15,000 for a new parks department mower, $5,000 for a rec center locker room update, $3,000 to purchase fitness equipment for the rec center and $1,000 in upgrades to make the South Lincoln Event Center accessable without city employees present.

In closing comments, Mayor Tony Tomassi asked city residents to prepare for clean-up season.

“As we move into spring, it is extremely important that we start to clean up the community,” said Tomassi. “We are going to be aggressive with enforcements. If you have weeds we are going to expect you to cut them. If you have a (broken down) car out on the street, we will tow it if you don’t move it. The city will be responsible to do their part in spring clean-up. We are asking the community to do their part, too.” 

The council meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm. 

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