Allan Wilson case to district court


The Allan Wilson case in Lincoln County is moving forward, with a trial date set. Court documents from the preliminary hearing that include the exact trial date are not yet available to the public.

Wilson’s preliminary hearing in circuit court at the Lincoln County Courthouse on Friday, June 29, was closed to the public.

Wilson, 56, has been charged with first degree sexual abuse of a minor in Lincoln County and second degree sexual abuse of a minor in Sweetwater County. If Wilson is found guilty of both counts, he could face up to 70 years in prison.

The purpose of a preliminary hearing is for the defendant to enter a plea, and for the judge to determine if and when the case will go to trial.

Wilson pleaded not guilty on Friday, June 8, in the Sweetwater County 3rd District Court. Judge Nena James determined that Wilson’s Sweetwater County trial is to start on Oct. 8. Wilson is currently out on a $75,000 bond.

The alleged victim who has accused Wilson said that Wilson inappropriately touched him in 2011 while staying near Commissary Ridge near Kemmerer. He has also accused Wilson of sexual assault near Green River.

Wilson was once the director of the Green River Parks and Recreation Department. He was elected to the Green River City Council in 2014.

Online, Wilson is listed as a member of the Commissary Ridge Association board.

The Kemmerer Gazette will continue to provide updates about Wilson’s trial in Lincoln County.

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