A wish coming true, trip to Hawaii

The Piper family all smiles and celebrate Kaileb’s wish for a sunshine filled and warmer Hawaii trip.

KEMMERER — The Make-a-wish Foundation held a party in Pizza Hut on Sunday, Nov. 17, to reveal the wish for the Piper family. Kaileb Piper made a wish for him and his family to go to Hawaii. The Piper family will head out to Hawaii for six days, enjoying the sun and getting out of the cold. Kaileb has cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic condition causing the lungs to produce extra-thick mucus. Since he was born his parents, Chad and Shari Piper, have known about it. Kaileb has had a couple of surgeries since birth. He is active an everything he does and enjoys life. “Do I have to eat the bones?” Kaileb rang out as he was devouring the wings at the party. The family will be getting packed and ready to spend some time in the sun.


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