A recent boost to Kemmerer’s downtown triangle

Building 821 to the right of Fossil Fuel Coffee Company was recently bought by Brian and Elizabeth Tesp. (GAZETTE PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt)

If Brian and Elizabeth Tresp’s plans come to fruition, the triangle in downtown Kemmerer will once again begin to serve as the hub of the community. Owners of the Fossil Fuel Coffee Company, the couple just recently purchased the building next door to the coffee shop at 821 S. Main Street.

“When we bought the building where the coffee shop is, we had planned to put Elizabeth’s law office in the back but it turned out we needed more room for the bakery in the back,” Brian Tresp said. “We then started looking at the building next door.”

Tresp explained that his wife’s law practice was expanding from California where her two firms employ 25 people. Her practice is mainly trust work; business entity formation services; off-shore and asset protection work.  Elizabeth Tresp wants to help corporations planning to come to this part of Wyoming and in neighboring states. She is expanding her business here and in Montana.  Tresp said Kemmerer really needs to have a law office with the growth they are experiencing.

The purchase of the building next door to the bakery made sense to the couple and their plans are that it will be used primarily for Elizabeth Tresp’s law practice with offices and street-front retail with the hopes of having 15 to 20 employees in the new facility.  The Tresps’ plan is to preserve the exterior of the more than 100—year—old building but the interior will be completely gutted.

“The roof has major damage and water has leaked into the building causing mold, so the roof is the first priority,” Brian Tresp said. “There is also asbestos to deal with.  We are using local contractors and, in fact, they have already started bringing power to the building from the coffee shop. But just to get the power base unit will take six weeks because of the supply chain issues. The major challenge for the renovation is the supply chain.”

Tresp said they are accustomed to working with those issues and will just continue working on what they can as supplies come.  The main priority is getting a new roof on before the heavy snows come.  They are happy with the plan and are pleased with the work of the local contractors.

When the Tresps bought the coffee shop building, it also had to be gutted and rebuilt.  They started to work with local contractors last May and opened for business at the end of July.  The coffee shop is open every day (except major holidays) from 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  They hope they are just as successful with the renovation of the new purchase, Tresp said it all depends on getting the supplies needed.

The Tresps still have a home in California where Elizabeth’s law practice is located.  They recently purchased a home in the town of Kemmerer and own a cabin on Commissary Ridge.  They moved to Kemmerer a little over two years ago when they bought the Commissary Ridge cabin and fell in love with the area.

“The people we bought the cabin from were so kind and sweet and introduced us to everyone up there. As we started spending time in town we just fell in love with the community,” Elizabeth Tresp said. “The people are wonderful; it is a special town.”

Brian Tresp is also the owner and operator of Normandy Digital Marketing Solutions Inc. He said his work is mostly with small and medium size businesses in marketing their products and or services.

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