A lot of bear

At 712 pounds and 41% body fat, Grizzly 566 was in extraordinary condition when Yellowstone National Park biologists handled the male bruin in October 2023. (C. Whitman/U.S. Geological Survey/IGBST)

Grizzly weighs in at near-record 712 lbs.

Rotund, plump, hefty — go ahead and pick the fat synonym and it’ll likely aptly describe Grizzly 566, the second-heaviest grizzly bear ever documented in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The 19-year-old male was well known to biologists in Yellowstone National Park, where the big bear resides. As a 3-year-old in 2007, he weighed in at 232 pounds. During a 2010 handling, the boar had plumped up to 393 pounds. His weight stayed in that range, registering at 381 pounds when caught and immobilized at age 9 in 2013.

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