4-2-20 Kemmerer Gazette Public Notices


The Wyoming Public Service Commission (Commission) approved the Application of Questar Gas Company d/b/a Dominion Energy Wyoming (Dominion Energy or the Company) for authority to decrease the non-gas cost component of the rates for its Wyoming General Service (GS) customers by $0.03245 per dekatherm (Dth) to accurately amortize the Company’s Energy Efficiency Services (EES) deferred account balance of $155,427. Dominion Energy proposes to amortize the ending balance over the projected December 1, 2019, through November 30, 2020, weather-normalized GS volumes, which results in the surcharge decreasing from $0.07548 per Dth to $0.04303 per Dth applied to all GS customers’ weather-normalized monthly usage.

A typical GS residential customer using 90 Dth per year can expect to see a decrease of $2.94 or 0.41%, before taxes, in annual gas bills. Actual bills will vary with usage. The approved decrease is effective for usage on and after December 1, 2019.

Dominion Energy’s Application is on file at the Commission’s offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and at the Company’s business office, located at 1005 D Street, Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Application is available for inspection by any interested person during regular business hours or online at: http://psc.state.wy.us/.

Anyone desiring to file a statement, intervention petition, protest or request for a public hearing in this matter must file in writing with the Commission on or before April 24, 2020. A proposed intervention or request for hearing must set forth the grounds under which they are made and the position and interest of the petitioner in this proceeding. Please mention Docket No. 30010-188-GT-19 (Record No. 15384) in your communications.

If you wish to intervene in this matter or request a public hearing that you will attend, or want to make a statement, a protest or a public comment, and you require reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact the Commission at (307) 777-7427, or write to the Commission at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, to make arrangements. Communications-impaired persons may also contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay at 711.

Dated: March 26, 2020.

PUBLISHED: April 2, 9, 2020                 04021


Pursuant to the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act and the Wyoming Public Service Commission’s (Commission) Rules, notice is hereby given of the Application of Rocky Mountain Power (RMP or the Company), for authority to approve a Demand Side Management (DSM) plan, as more fully described below:

RMP is a public utility as defined in Wyo. Stat. § 37-1-101(a)(vi)(C), subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 37-2-112. 

On March 26, 2020, RMP filed its Application requesting authority to implement [i] a 3-Year Plan for DSM Acquisition; [ii]  modifications to Electric Service Schedule No. 191, including adjusting Category 1, 2 and 3 rates to .65 percent, 1.67 percent and 1.20 percent, respectively. 

RMP states the 3-Year Plan outlines energy savings targets and budget estimates informed from the 2019 Integrated Resource Plan.  The 3-Year Plan also contains Residential (Category 1) and Non-Residential (Categories 2 and 3) program strategy, and potential offerings in support of the 3-Year Plan energy savings targets. As part of the 3-Year Plan, the Company will continually monitor program kilowatt-hour savings and budgets and will add, remove, and/or modify offerings and initiatives in order to administer cost-effective programs and reasonably manage within the approved kWh savings and budget targets.

This is not a complete description of the Application. Interested persons may inspect the Application at RMP’s business offices throughout Wyoming and at the Commission’s offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming, during regular business hours.  The Application may also be reviewed on line at http://www.pacificorp.com.

 Anyone desiring to file a public comment, statement, intervention petition, protest or request for a public hearing in this matter must so file with the Commission in writing on or before April 30, 2020.  Any intervention request filed with the Commission shall set forth the grounds of the proposed intervention or request for hearing as well as the position and the interest of the petitioner in this proceeding.

If you wish to intervene in this matter or request a public hearing that you will attend, or you wish to file a public comment, statement, or protest, and you require reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact the Commission at (307) 777-7427, or write to the Commission at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, to make arrangements. Communications impaired persons may also contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay at 711. Please mention Docket No. 20000-580-ET-20 (Record No. 15480) in your communications.

Dated: March 30, 2020.

PUBLISHED: April 2, 9, 2020                 04022


The Kemmerer-Diamondville Joint Powers Board will be taking signed, sealed bids until Monday, April 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm for the following items

(1) Trailer Mounted Jetter 747

(1) Industrial Size V Snow Plow Blade off a Large Dump Truck

Equipment is being sold as is.  Bids may be dropped off at the office of the Kemmerer-Diamondville Joint Powers Board at 224Wyoming Highway 233, Kemmerer, WY during business hours.  Bids must be signed, sealed and marked Surplus Equipment Sale Bid.  All bids will be opened and read aloud on April 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm.  The Kemmerer-Diamondville Joint Powers Board has the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality in bids, and to accept such bid or bids as may be deemed in the best interest of the seller.  For more information or to make an appointment to see the equipment please contact the Joint Powers Board at 307-877-2261, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

PUBLISHED: March 19, 26, April 2, 2020             03196


Notice is hereby given that Lincoln County Board of County Commissioners are requesting bids for the

2020 County Road Dust Suppression  consisting of the following items:  


Successful Contractor will be required to furnish all supervision, technical, personnel, labor, materials, machinery, tools, equipment, and services, including utility and transportation services to perform and complete all applications on all specified roads as defined in the bid documents. 

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at, or obtained from, the Lincoln County website with a $15 download fee at: 

http://www.lcwy.org/departments/planning_and_engineering/  and click on Bid Docs  

Sealed Bids will be received at the Kemmerer Planning & Engineering Office, 925 Sage Ave, Suite 201, Kemmerer, Wyoming, 83101 until 2:00 P.M. local time, Thursday, April 16,  2020 Bids should be marked on the outside “2020 County Road Dust Suppression ” with the name and address of the bidder. Amy Butler, County Engineer, is the primary contact for this project (307-877-2104).

Public opening of the bids will be on Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 2:10 P.M. located at the Lincoln County Planning & Engineering Office, 925 Sage Ave, Suite 201, Kemmerer, Wyoming.  Bidders are welcome to attend. 

This project is partially funded using Federal Grant Funds. Therefore, all Federal Requirements associated with the use of these funds must be followed for this project. 

All bids must be accompanied by either a certified check, cashier's check drawn on an acceptable bank, or an acceptable BID BOND, executed by an approved Surety Company, in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total sum of the bid.  The check or bond shall be made payable to Lincoln County and shall be forfeited as liquidated damages if the bidder, upon the letting of the contract to him, fails to enter into the contract within thirty (30) days after it is presented to him for that purpose or fails to proceed with the performance of the contract in a timely manner.

All projects over $150,000.00 shall be bonded therefore the successful bidder shall provide a 100% performance and payment bond.  All projects over $7,500.00 or less than $150,000.00 requires a form of guarantee as approved by the County

The Board of the County Commissioners of Lincoln County hereby notifies all bidders that minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to the invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex, creed, or national origin. 

Lincoln County reserves the right to accept or reject any items or all items, any part or all parts, any section or all sections, any bid or all bids as stated in the specifications to waive any irregularities or informalities, or to re-bid or re-advertise for bids if it is determined to be necessary or desirable and reserve the right to let the bid in any manner it sees fit. 


(s)       Kent Connelly, Chairman

PUBLISHED: March 26, April 2, 9, 2020               03261


School District No. One, Lincoln County

March 2020

Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 21-3-110 - Duties of board of trustees, individual yearly gross salary payments shall be published each year.  Each individual annual gross salary shall be identified by category and each individual salary shall be  published as a gross dollar amount without identification other than by category.

Category                 Annual Gross Salary           Total No.      Total

                                                                                      Personnel    Annual



Superintendent                            131,500.00*               2        $131,500.00

Coordinator/Directors*              67,650.00                 

51,352.00                 44,075.00       54,000.00               6.5      $279,911.00                 21,930.00                  10,250.00                  30,654.00

Instructional Facilitator*           72,450.00                 1         $72,450.00

Building Administrators*          91,000.00

78,140.00                 88,000.00       14,637.00               3.5      $271,777.00

Teacher: Elementary*                 59,850.00

33,942.96                 53,000.00       61,250.00                24     $1,297,939.96                52,000.00                  62,750.00                  53,000.00                 

64,400.00                 61,750.00       59,750.00                 

57,050.00                 65,100.00       59,500.00                 

55,000.00                 15,687.00       59,150.00

58,450.00                 51,000.00       57,050.00                 

50,000.00                 27,310.00       61,600.00                 

61,600.00                 57,750.00

Teacher: Secondary*                   55,000.00                18     $1,075,112.00

70,000.00                 68,950.00       59,150.00                 

70,350.00                 52,750.00       25,000.00                 

75,250.00                 51,000.00       62,750.00                 

56,350.00                 67,200.00       62,300.00                 

47,062.00                 63,000.00       65,800.00                 

57,400.00                 65,800.00

Teacher: Special Education*    67,550.00                 7        $382,850.00                 60,750.00                  59,850.00                  50,000.00

63,000.00                 56,700.00       25,000.00

Support Professional                   57,500.00                 5        $314,050.00

65,450.00                 65,450.00       56,700.00


Administrative Assistant/Clerk*  31,920.00            9        $263,211.00

24,780.00                 30,240.00       34,860.00

28,980.00                 21,315.00       23,520.00                 

30,916.00                 36,680.00

Custodian:*             9,052.50         30,392.00                 7        $171,047.50

29,868.00                 41,920.00       32,488.00                 

20,384.00                 6,943.00

Food Service Staff*

3,762.75            5,764.50          21,228.00     11,208.75     10     $90,255.13

8,393.00            16,332.75         3,250.00      10,395.00      

5,490.00            4,430.38

Operations and Maintenance*53,448.00               3.5      $152,574.75

27,076.75                 41,396.00       30,654.00

Paraprofessionals*                      25,380.00                29       $527,256.03

5,452.00                   6,345.00         18,741.25

16,015.25                 15,674.50       18,741.25

19,082.00                 24,534.00       17,719.00

17,719.00                 26,696.00       18,059.75                 

15,333.75                 23,852.50        7,681.53

21,452.00                 21,126.50       19,422.75                 

16,755.50                 18,048.00       17,378.25                 

16,920.00                 28,282.25

20,104.25                 19,082.00       20,785.75                 

23,312.00                 7,560.00

Transportation      21,411.00       16,241.25                 8        $144,295.26                 15,852.38                  8,303.63  9,195.75 

15,326.25                 50,828.00        7,137.00

Coaches                                                                           17.00     $94,460.00

Assistant Coaches                                                          26.00     $64,598.50

Sponsors                                                                          46.00     $37,560.00

District Total                                                                   222.5  $5,370,848.13

PUBLISHED: April 2, 2020   04023