2021 prom a success

Lyndsie Julander and Aiden Runyan enjoy Kemmerer’s prom, held Saturday, April 24, at the South Lincoln Events Center. (COURTESY PHOTO/Katie Julander)

KEMMERER — It was a night to remember! COVID has affected a whole lot of things. The Kemmerer Rangers decided if there was any way to pull off a prom, they were going to do it — and they made it happen. Prom was held at the South Lincoln Events Center on Saturday, April 24. A masquerade ball was planned and decorations were fancy masquerade masks and gold and silver streamers. Attendees were each given a face mask — another to add to the year-long collection of face coverings — with a glittery “Prom 2021” on the front.

“I thought the juniors did a very good job with all the COVID regulations and still made it fun. It was fun to go with Aaron. We are really good friends,” said Sydnie Julander, a Kemmerer senior. “With COVID, I feel like everything is COVID now; we haven’t been able to do a lot of things we normally do, and prom definitely uplifted us seniors. We are all getting tired, and we are all getting ready to be done with school, and we were super excited to have prom. It was a blast!”

There was no food served, and the only refreshment was bottled water — but that didn’t slow down the party. The promenade was performed, and students were able to walk in their groups and with dates across the stage to show off fancy wear and for pictures. Then the nominees were called up and the royalty announced.

The junior class puts on the prom and uses the proceeds for their senior trip. However, this year’s Class of 2021 didn’t get to put on a prom last year after COVID brought everything to a halt. Julander thought her class had enough money, despite no prom last year, and said, “I don’t think we are missing out on anything. I think we are all perfectly happy going to Lagoon and then going out to dinner afterward at a fancy restaurant.”

Prom prince was Tommy Skidmore and prom princess was Audrey Cassidy, both juniors. Seniors voted king and queen were Aaron Ortiz and Sophie Failoni, respectively.



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