2020 Wyoming primary election unofficial results

The Primary election has come and gone. Primary elections are organized for the voting public to participate in for the purpose of nominating the parties’ official candidates. Wyoming has a partially-open primary election, which means it “permits voters to cross party lines, but they must either publicly declare their ballot choice or their ballot selection may be regarded as a form of registration with the corresponding party,” according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. According to the Wyoming government website, Lincoln County cast 4,750 ballots. The state total was 139,950 ballots cast.

According to state and county unofficial vote count, the results are as follows:

For United States Senator, Republican, Cynthia Lummis won with 63,470 ballot votes.

Robert G. Short – 13,469

Bryan E. Miller – 10,943

Donna Rice – 5,868

R. Mark Armstrong – 3,897

Josh Wheeler – 3,760

John Holtz – 1,816

Devon Cade – 1,027

Michael Kemler – 984

Star Roselli – 627

For United States Senator, Democrat, Merav Ben David won with 9,579 ballot votes.

Yana Ludwig – 4,926

Nathan Wendt – 4,210

Kenneth R. Casner – 2,139

Rex Wilde – 1,881

James Kirk DeBrine - 863

For United States Representative, Republican, Liz Cheney won with 78,803 votes. Her competitor Blake Stanley received 28,035 votes.

For United States Representative, Democrat, Lynette Grey Bull won with 14,141 votes.

Carol Hafner – 5,170

Carl Beach – 4,104

For Senate District 14, Republican, Fred Baldwin won with 1,866 votes.

Lyle Williams – 1,305

Rex Rammell – 866

For Senate District 16, Republican, Dan Dockstader ran unopposed. He received 3,405 votes.

For House District 18, Republican, Scott Heiner won with 939 votes, just five above incumbent Thomas D. Crank.

Thomas D. Crank – 934

Mike Lundgren – 221

For House District 21, Republican, Evan J. Simpson won with 1,290 votes. His opponent Taylor Allred received 846 votes.

For House District 22, Republican, Bill Winney ran unopposed and received 1,190 votes.

For County Commissioner, Republican, Jerry Hansen won with 2,001 votes. His opponent Kent Connelly received 1,820 votes.

For Kemmerer Mayor, Robert Bowen ran unopposed and received 482 votes.

For Kemmerer Council (three), Karl Sundberg won with 435 votes. His opponent Bill Price received 376 votes.

For Diamondville Council (two), Robert Sawaya won with 149 votes. His opponent Jim McSweeny received 143 votes.

For Opal Council (two), Daniel M. Whiteford II ran unopposed and received 23 votes. However, there are 24 votes written in that are yet to be counted.

For Afton Council (two), Abby Johnson won with 288 votes.

Cody Meyers – 210

Jeff Jensen – 153

For Alpine Council (two), Andrea Burchard won with 104 votes.

Frank Dickerson – 60

Robert Lapier – 46

Michael A. Wilson – 28

Skylar Atkins – 19

For Thayne Council (two), Lorell Woolley won with 63 votes. Opponent Nikole Passey received 45 votes.

For Cokeville Council (two), Demont B. Grandy won with 151 votes. Opponent Colby Martin Peck received 120 votes.

For Cokeville Council (one), Theresa L. Lewis ran unopposed and received 148 votes.

For Star Valley Council (two), Taylor Ellis won with 286 votes.

Ronald Denney – 269

Martin Occhi – 152

The Kemmerer Senior Center Service District was approved with 794 votes for yes and 304 votes for no.


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