2020 election in Cokeville

Buhla Teichert, 101 years old, casts her vote in the general election. // By Jan Moody

Cokeville had a great turnout on election day. Thanks to the election officials who greeted everyone with a smile. Thanks to those who voted for the first time and those who are seasoned voters. Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to vote.

Scott Thomas took nine of his senior U.S. Government students down to the Cokeville City Hall on Tuesday where they cast their first votes. Thank you for using your right as citizens of this great nation to vote.

Buhla Teichert, Cokeville’s oldest citizen at 101, cast her vote in the General Election on Tuesday at the Cokeville City Hall. Buhla has voted for and lived through many elections and still believes in the importance of voting and using her voice as a citizen of the United States of America.